It’s great you can estimate your guest list, you have picked the wedding date, and the ring and gown are ready for the big day. But, have you taken time to think about the venue? Does the venue match your wedding expectations? Although choosing the right venue may seem a huge expense, it’s worth your happiness that day. When selecting a wedding venue Brisbane has to offer, proximity and beauty are not the only aspects you should bear in mind. Consider these also:

Traffic and driving

It’s good to appreciate that some guests may have to drive a long distance towards the party destination you have chosen. Although navigation tools and Google Maps may seem helpful in directing the guests to your desired venue, they may not be 100 percent accurate. Considering traffic congestion and freeway system confusion is important when choosing a venue. In fact, you may forego a venue that would be hectic for your guests to access if you want them all there in good time. This aspect would also be important to consider even when looking for a function room hire Brisbane has today.


Before you rush into paying for any venue, you should first know the nature and type of the event you want to have. Take time to know whether you want an informal or formal event, an innovative or traditional party and if the event will take place during the day or night. You may also consult your spouse to know if you want the event outdoors or indoors, or if you wish to have a garden ceremony. Your dream wedding elements as well as the geographical area identified would eventually help you know the type of a wedding venue Brisbane based you should go for.

Guest count

It’s not right to look for a venue if you don’t know the number of the guests you expect in your event. Most venues and other event facilities ask the couples to give them a tentative number of the guests they expect 2-3 months before the event. The amount of the deposit the venue management asks the couple to pay highly depends on the estimated number. However, the venue management expects an accurate estimate about 72 hours to the function. Without a guest list, you won’t be sure whether the coworking space Brisbane based you find is the most appropriate for the big day.

Special requirements

Most of the venues across the globe have strict regulations and rules that guide them. If a considerable number of the guests you have invited smoke, a venue without smoking restrictions would be ideal. Check if alcohol is allowed in that venue and if the bar service requires a legal license if your guests are alcohol consumers. Consider vegetarians, disabled guests, seniors, children and dancing crew when choosing any of the Brisbane coworking spaces.

If you are not careful to consider important aspects such as those explained above, you may choose a beautiful venue that won’t meet your expectations and those of your guests. Where possible, it’s important to consider what your guests want first before you narrow down to your own prospects. This way, you would find it easier choosing a wedding venue Brisbane has today that your guests will be happy about.