Growing food in contaminated soil carries many risks with it. There are areas in Sydney with greater risks of soil contamination than other sites. Therefore, before putting your land into any form of use, it is important to carry out an environmental investigation to understand the history of the soil and determine whether it can pose any health risks.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the chemicals found in the backyard soil of many inner city homes, particularly lead, increasingly directs to sickness and even brain damage to children. Traces of these may emerge from old paints, chemicals used in the house, or surrounding factories.

As most risks emerge from the greens grown in vegetable patches or community gardens, soil contaminants can also be found in areas such as Balmain, Surry Hills, and even Marrickville. However, given that very few Sydney residents are able to understand the soil history in their backyards, it is very important to invest on a reliable soil contamination testing Sydney service.

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The soil contaminants do not just affect humans by means of growing food in vegetables patches or community gardens. During the dry summers, the poisonous lead chemical and arsenic contaminants in the soil can spread through small dust particles.

Children are mostly at risk from these contaminants as they absorb as much as 60% of ingested lead compared to adults who absorb only 10% of this. Thus, the effects on the overall health of children can be perilous.

If your backyard garden is located close to old industrial enterprises, landfills, or busy roads in Sydney, then you urgently need some contamination testing Sydney services.

Alliance Technical Soil Contamination or Compaction Testing

If your soil site gives you any cause for worry based on its history, then Alliance Geotechnical Pty offers the most reliable and professional soil contamination testing and soil compaction testing services to help you make the wisest choices on the usage of soil and also, access reliable information and interpretation of the test results.

This will be particularly necessary if you are planning to undertake some redevelopment work, in which case the Local Council may authorize an investigation to be undertaken on the environmental conditions of the soil site.

If a developer is planning to put up a structure in the site using imported soil, a soil contamination report will be required to ensure that the inhabitants of the area are not exposed to contaminants.

Alliance Geotechnical offers the most reliable contamination testing Sydney services to ensure that the soil site is free from harmful substances such as heavy metals, which can pose serious health risks.

The company also provides compaction testing services which establish the in-situ density of the soil then compares it against the maximum density determined by lab tests. All of these are carried out in a state-of-the-art NATA-accredited public lab in Sydney.

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