If you thought that industrial fans are all it takes to build a fully functioning industrial ventilation system, think again! There are several components that should be working together in order to improve indoor air quality within an industrial facility or factory. If you are building a new facility or would like to make improvements on your existing one, it is important that you know all about these components to produce an efficient ventilation system suited for your needs.

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A fan is one of the most important components to building industrial roof ventilation systems. When it comes to buying industrial ventilation fans, it is not about the size or the amount of fans you install that can improve air quality inside the facility. You need to precisely calculate the entire measurement of the space that you intend to ventilate. This is crucial in determining how much airflow you need to resolve heat issues and improve air quality.

It is also important to take into account what type of pressure is needed when ventilating with the aid of a fan. Based on all of these factors, you will be able to shop wisely about the most suitable type of fan to use based on the propeller shape, size, etc.


A louver is another vital component that makes up industrial roof ventilators. The purpose is installing louvers is to regulate the type of elements that you are able to suck into the facility from the outside air. Obviously, you want to bring in air but not dust or insects. For this reason, an industrial louver is often mounted onto the building as part of the ventilation system. There are many types of louvers in the market so you have to research on each type to find the best match for your needs.


A dehumidifier is an essential component to industrial roof vents that is often overlooked in the industry. However, this tool is essential to remove excess moisture in the air. Moisture is very common in a tightly contained industrial space. With the addition of a dehumidifier, it gradually improves the indoor air quality as well.

Air Filters

Along with a dehumidifier, the use of air filters in an industrial setting is becoming more common. This component of a roof ventilation system is often used with silencers (that is designed to filter noise in the air). The purpose of an air filter is to trap and filter particles present from the air to improve air quality within the industrial facility.


This is one component to industrial vent systems that are lesser known. In fact, it might be mistaken to perform the similar function as a louver but it actually performs a different purpose. It is designed to regulate airflow or event stop air from coming into the facility during emergency situations.

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