Storage facilities are created for many products and the materials with which the tanks are made or fabricated also differ. Further, the use of the material depends on the product to be stored. The use of plastic moulded storage tanks for storing water is quite popular, and they have in turn replaced the traditional water storage tanks made of concrete and iron. But there are several specific applications where only stainless steel storage tanks are used. Several industries handle liquids and chemicals, which can react with the material of the tank, and the properties of stainless steel make it the only suitable material for manufacturing the storage tanks.


stainless steel storage tanks


Stainless Steel Has Those Unique Properties

One of the important characteristics of stainless steel is that it is non-corrosive. Stainless steel comes in different grades, the most popular ones being SS 304 and SS 310. The strength of the material and its capacity to store the toughest of materials is further determined by the thickness of the SS material used. Another factor that works towards the preference given tostainless steel storage tanks over other materials is that it is easy to maintain and is, therefore, quite hygienic. This makes food and beverage industries prefer SS tanks.

You can find manufacturers of stainless steel storage tanks in Perth who are catering to different industries in Perth and in the whole of Western Australia. Some of the major industries serviced by these Perth stainless steel storage tanks manufacturers include verticals like the oil industry, most chemical industries and the pharmaceutical industries.

Special Manufacturing and Finishing Infrastructure Required

Fabrication of stainless steel requires the manufacturers to have equipment for cutting the plates and bending and welding the plates to make them into the shape and size required. In most cases, the SS tanks are custom made, since each application could be different from each other and the manufacturer has to fabricate the tanks as per need. There are also accessories fitted on to the tanks like pipes welded for the outlet and the pipe fittings which can be ordered as a part of the tank.

When you have to find stainless steel fabrication in Perth for any of your applications, these are the things you will need to check in terms of the infrastructure that the fabricating unit has to have. Apart from the latest technology, they must also have the best-skilled manpower to do the fabrication, including operating the latest machines. All materials used in the fabrication of stainless steel storage tanks have to be tested for quality and then only used.

Even the finished tanks have to be leak tested by means of the best methods available. Again in the industries where the storage tanks in stainless steel are used have to be accurate in dimensions and tolerance levels of accuracy are quite narrow. This would mean that besides the capability to fabricate the SS tanks, they have to be perfect in size and the outer finishes have to be top class. The welded portions are ground and polished, and the final surface is shiny and smooth.